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At Custom Mascots each custom mascot we bring to life is 100% original. We take your valuable character and mathematically make each pattern piece by hand. Each item is hand sculpted with care and attention to detail. We do not use the foam injection or fiberglass molds that are so hot and heavy to wear. Even on orders of 100 or more, each mascot is made by hand with care. This is a true art form that Custom Mascots is proud to incorporate into each custom mascot design. Our skilled artisans are college graduates with prop making and theatre back grounds.

We provide design and production for all your mascot needs. Mascots for schools, college teams, corporate, retail, commercial, and institutional. Custom designed character costumes to promote your organization with fun and memorable antics! Your custom mascot design begins with getting to know your organization. Together we will develop a concept of your character, and work with you until you are satisfied with the design. Mascots are designed to profile your organization's existing colours or other visual identity elements. After our first contact we will have a full price quotation and a sketch returned to you within five business days, usually sooner!
corporate mascots
Corporate Mascots
It's not just the attention to detail that gives our corporate mascot costumes their unique appeal. The twinkle in the eye, a happy smile and a crowd-pleasing, huggable body make our custom corporate mascot designs a hit with kids of any age. Studies show that mascot costumes enhance awareness of your company or brand. Unlike most marketing or advertising endeavors, a company mascot can have an immediate impact on corporate revenue if used wisely, and should be viewed as an on-going revenue stream. To learn more about our corporate mascot designs enter the world of corporate mascots...

sports mascots
Sports Mascots
Custom Mascots
creates premium quality sport mascots that are eye catching, fun, exciting and built to last. Top quality custom sport mascot design that is sure to satisfy even your most discriminating fan! Our expert craftsmanship and design insures that the appearance and integrity of the Mascot is maintained even after hundreds of performances. At Custom Mascot we understand that the image of your mascot reflects the image of your team. Custom Mascot characters deliver the best mascot value in the world. To view some of our more recent sports mascot designs please go to the sports mascots...

international mascots
International Mascots
Meet our International Mascots! We specialize in one of a kind, hand built costumes designed to your unique specifications. No cookie cutter costumes. You supply the design, we bring your idea to life. At Custom Mascots we know our product and it’s many uses very well – we are always more than happy to share ideas and discuss possibilities regarding uses, funding and program development. The size, quality, and uniqueness of our product give international organizations a fun, visible ambassador they can take anywhere. To learn more about international mascot designs please enter the world of international mascots...

municipal mascots
Municipal Mascots
We take pride in designing and custom creating your mascot, costume or character. Every municipal mascot is a unique creation. Depending on your unique needs or design. We can incorporate any style of eyes, hands, feet and even accessories. Through attention to detail and boundless creativity, our mascots are an effective marketing and sales tool for any municipal client. Our objective at Custom Mascots is to create a custom mascot product that is appealing to the eye. To take a look some of our municipal mascot designs please be sure to check out our collection of recent municipal mascots...

school mascots
School Mascots
Each mascot we design is unique and exclusive and truly reflects your school and it's students. Getting a custom-made character from Custom Mascots is easy and affordable! We offer all of features you are looking for to give you the most mascot for your money. School Mascots can create media exposure and excitement for your school, college or university. Besides rousing the fans at games or public events, a mascot can act as an ambassador at other functions, such as parades, festivals and community outreach programs. To see some of our more recent school mascot designs please enter the world of school mascots...

  Only the finest quality, most durable materials are used in production at Custom Mascots! We offer mascot costumes that are performer friendly, safe and comfortable!

Custom Mascot costumes all include: body/head venting, wide visibility screens in the head form's design, weatherproof soles and safety treads.

Thank you for your interest in our Custom Mascots and our Custom Mascot Design Service. If you would like more information regarding design of sports mascots, school mascots, corporate mascots, municipal mascots or international mascots please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you achieve the perfect look.


custom mascots, corporate mascots,school mascots,sports mascots

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