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Corporate Mascots

Why a Corporate Mascot? Mascots are a great way to create identity for any company. Mascot Design Studios can take your logo and bring it to life. Or we can take your idea and bring that to life. We work one on one with you in the full development of the mascot from concept to completion. We don’t stop there. If you need ideas on using your mascot to enhance company visibility we can help.

You will find that once you have your mascot, people will start to identify with that character and request it at events. That is why we pay special attention to the development of your mascots’ character. Mascot Design Studios ensure no one else is going to show up at an event with the same character, or misrepresent your company.

Corporate Mascot Design

Many clients have put our artwork on T-shirts and promotional Items. Some of our more popular corporate mascots are Lional for Boston Pizza and Aardvark pest control. They have an aardvark in their logo and ads, we took that artwork and brought it to life.

Only the finest quality, most durable materials are used in production at Mascot Design Studios! We offer mascot costumes that are performer friendly, safe and very comfortable! Mascot costumes all include: body/head venting, wide visibility screens in the head form’s design, weatherproof soles and safety treads.

Mascot Design Studios provides design and production for all your mascot needs. We believe mascots help brands engage their users and provide a more effective impression on them, rather than being a faceless company. Contact Mascot Design Studios Today for your free corporate mascot design quote.

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Corporate Mascot Characters

Each custom mascot is hand made from scratch. We do not, and will not copy your mascot for anyone other than you. Don’t forget, included with the purchase of your mascot from Custom Mascot Design Studios is the intellectual copyright to the artwork created for your custom mascot. 

Businesses are always seeking innovative ways to connect with potential clients and customers. While some groups are still sticking to traditional advertising methods, others are using the latest social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to introduce themselves to new prospects and “humanize” their company. 

Though these methods can be very effective, there is another trend that is becoming a popular and powerful way to humanize your brand and foster a friendly relationship with your supporters — corporate mascot characters who serve as custom made mascots for businesses. Contact Custom Mascot Today!

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