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Corporate Mascot Design In today’s ever-evolving economy, more and more businesses are seeking innovative ways to connect with potential clients and customers. While some groups are still sticking to traditional advertising methods, others are using the latest social media outlets such as Twitter and YouTube to introduce themselves to new prospects and “humanize” their company. […]

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peanut mascot

Shelf Mascot VS Custom Mascot What is the difference between a shelf mascot and a Custom Designed Mascot? I get asked that all the time. First a shelf mascot or one pre made that you pick from a catalogue is mass-produced. Often the head, body and feet do not match as they are made in

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clean mascot head

How to Clean a Mascot One of the most common questions I’m asked.  The most important advice. DO NOT TAKE TO A DRY CLEANER as they put a chemical on the farbric or fun fur that will shorten the life span. Fun furs are not meant to be cleaned ever by dry cleaning.  Next only

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performer friendly mascots

Performer Friendly Mascots We start with a drawing, after working with you the client to determine what you need, where your mascot will be performing the design is set. Vision lines and balanced pieces.We take the drawing and mathematically make the patterns so your mascot can walk off the page.   This mascot is a straight

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mascot performer safety

Mascot Performer Safety Always send your mascot out with a chaperone. It is difficult to see and to hear while wearing the costume. It is also very hot. A chaperone needs to act as your mascot’s eyes and ears and voice as well as its bodyguard. It is not uncommon for people, to hit or

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