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How To Clean A Mascot

How to Clean a Mascot

One of the most common questions I’m asked.  The most important advice. DO NOT TAKE TO A DRY CLEANER as they put a chemical on the farbric or fun fur that will shorten the life span. Fun furs are not meant to be cleaned ever by dry cleaning.  Next only use mild soap, warm water and always air dry. As soon as fun fur hits heat of any kind it curls up and becomes a mess. Often voiding any warranty you may have.  Once the fun is dry brush out with a wire brush. Some cheaper fun furs can not handle to hard a brush so use a wire hair brush.  Our furs are very deluxe and we recommend a wire BBQ brush for the best result. If in doubt, use only the hair brush.  These are recommendations its always best to check your manual.


clean mascot head

All heads no matter what kind are cleaned the same way on the outside. We use a portable steam cleaner.  Use a mild laundry soap not the soap that comes with the machine. Only use a tiny amount you don’t want to get to much soap, as it makes getting all the soap out harder.  Liquid soap is the best about 1 teaspoon is all you need.   Use hot water but not boiling.  After you have cleaned the head, go over several times with clean water no soap just water.  Put in front of a fan for 24 hours.

Inside the Heads
Again depending on how your mascot is made if it is a foam injected head they are very hard to clean inside, sadly we can not help get out the bacteria and odors as it is imbedded into the foam over time. We do suggest spraying with Lysol or fabrise.  Our heads are made of a closed cell foam that means the pores of the foam are sealed so nothing can get into the foam itself so it will never have an odor or bacteria. Fiberglass heads while heavy also are easy to clean inside. Just spray down with a damp cloth and your ok. Unless you have a helmet inside. Like all helmets they get smelly and full of germs. So try to remove the liner from the helmet if you can. We do not make our mascots with helmets for that reason as well it is limits the performers who can wear it.


mascot feet

There are as many different kinds of feet as there are manufactures of mascots. Each has their own way to make them. We use an upholstery foam sculpted into shape with a fabric or fur cover. With a durable rubber sealant around the edge so water, can not get inside the foot, also a durable rubber bottom.

We have had other manufactures mascots here and noticed, Some feet have a shoe inside with the toe cut out others and open bottom,  DO NOT put any foot into the washing machine. As you will break down the form and  destroy the foot. ONLY spats that are all fabric or fur can be washed in a washing machine and then only if you know the quality of fur or fabric. I’ll talk about that later. Spray the inside of your foot with a disinfectant. And steam clean the outside as you would the head. Air dry.

Most can go in the washing machine on delicate warm water hang to dry. If your not sure hand wash hang to dry. If your body form has a hoop system inside remove the hoops if your manufacture did not allow for that then only hand wash do not put the hoops into the washing machine. If you have a closed cell or more sold chest form only wipe it down with a cloth. Air dry.

Body: this includes clothing
Wash in a washing machine on delicate air dry. If it is again a cheaper fur or thin fur do not put in a washing machine as it will just fall apart after a few washes. This is very important. How to tell if the fur is not good for a washing machine. Feel the thickness is it deep pile lush. Or is it a thin pile if you put one finger on each side of the fabric can you see the threads in the fur. If so it’s not good for a washer. 99.9% of the mascots that are sold under 3,000 are a short pile fur not suitable for washing machines. I have seen some mascots come in that say wash in a washing machine that will not stand up to that. So please don’t just follow what the manufacturer says sometimes your manual is just mass produced and not made individual for your mascot. Always hang to dry. Our mascots that are made with polar fleece or antron can go in a dryer. Unless I made it and told you its ok just don’t do it.

We would be happy to assist you. If you send us a photo of your mascot we can advice you free of charge how to clean your mascot. It does not matter if we made it or not. We would rather you got your mascot nice and clean and ready to face the crowds he or she will draw. Then have a performer have to wear a dirty smelly mascot. When the performer is happy the audience is happy. I hope this has been of assistance to you.

If you have any questions please call Mascot Design Studios 780-967-4471 or email us at the following: [email protected]
Happy mascoting.
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