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Municipal Mascots

There are so many areas that a city, town or municipality can use a mascot. To promote the location itself or to educate people in recycling, beautification or even anti litter campaigns. We have even made Municipal Mascots to promote safety for disaster preparedness.

Municipal Mascots go to community events within the city, or town. Go to hospitals and make special appearances at bridge or park openings. The list is almost endless.

How many times have you been to a parade and noticed a float for a town, or city? Now think how many times you watched a unique mascot go by, and stopped to take photos of it with the kids, or shook it’s hand? Now you’ve got the attention of the audience!

Municipal Mascot Design

Municipal mascots are memorable ambassadors for any department, police, fire, parks and recreation, public works, or the library. Let Mascot Design Studios put you on the map with a custom designed mascot.

Only the finest quality, most durable materials are used in production at Mascot Design Studios costumes that are performer friendly, safe and very comfortable! 

Municipal Mascot Characters all include: body/head venting, wide visibility screens in the head form’s design, weatherproof soles and safety treads. Contact us today for your free municipal mascot design quote!

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