performer friendly mascots

Performer Friendly Mascots

Performer Friendly Mascots

We start with a drawing, after working with you the client to determine what you need, where your mascot will be performing the design is set. Vision lines and balanced pieces.
We take the drawing and mathematically make the patterns so your mascot can walk off the page.  

This mascot is a straight body style. With a fan system inside the head to help the performer stay comfortable. The head attaches to the body with 4 quick release buckles.  The arms are designed so they can be tucked under the edge to allow for shorter performers or tall.  The legs are also designed to be able to tuck under to allow for more performers to wear it with ease. This mascot came with a green shirt but they can also replace that shirt with any store bought clothing in size XXL this allows you dress your mascot up in fun outfits according to the event they are attending.

When you are performing around children it’s important to have the best vision possible. This mascot has vision in both the eyes and mouth. All our mascots are designed to be washed at home in cold water hang to dry. The heads and feet clean with a steam cleaner and allow to air dry.

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