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School Mascots

How is your school being represented? Do you have a cool logo and a lame mascot? Let us bring your logo to life. A school mascot instantly builds pride in the student body, Or better still let us give you two looks with one mascot. Do you have a male and female team we can do that for you as well. Schools are on a tight budget and with that in mind we make sure your mascot is easy to look after. No need to send him out for expensive cleanings. Just take the body and clothing home wash in your washer at home and he/she is good to for the next day.

We make sure your school mascot can perform to its full potential. If you need a mascot to tumble we will factor that into the design. If you need your mascot to be able fit a wide range of performers we have you covered. If you need your mascot to wear a basketball uniform and then a football uniform we custom make the uniforms as well for all your mascots events.

School Mascot Design

School mascots are among the most recognized mascots of all. Only the finest quality, most durable materials are used in production at Custom Mascot! We offer mascot costumes that are performer friendly, safe and comfortable!

Mascot Design Studios brings your school to life. Your mascot is designed to profile your existing colors or other visual identity elements. We stand above our competitors with original mascot design and meticulous attention to detail.

School Mascot Costumes
all include: body/head venting, wide visibility screens in the head form’s design, weatherproof soles and safety treads. Contact us today for your free school mascot design quote.

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Mascot Design Studios is a full service Custom Mascot Design Company that specializes in producing performer friendly character costumes. Each mascot costume produced in our shop is custom designed. We are committed to providing our clients with only the highest quality mascot characters and products.

Each mascot we bring to life is 100% original in both design and concept. Mascots for schools, sports teams, corporate, retail, commercial, and festivals. Custom designed character costumes to promote your organization with fun and memorable antics! All Mascot Design Studios Character Costumes include: Fan Systems, Wide Visibility Screens, Weatherproof Soles, and Safety Treads. Only the finest quality, most durable materials are used in production at Mascot Design Studios! We offer mascot costumes that are performer friendly, safe and comfortable.

100% Canadian Made In House
Let Mascot Design Studios bring your mascot or character to life. Each mascot we bring to life is 100% original. Our qualified staff work one on one with you for just the right character look. We pay particular attention to detail like vision, comfort and safety making a Custom Mascot one of the most user friendly and performer friendly mascots on the market.

Thank you for your interest in Mascot Design Studios. Don’t forget, included with the purchase of your school mascot from Custom Mascot is the intellectual copyright to the artwork created for your mascot. Contact Custom Mascot Today!

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