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Shelf Mascot VS Custom Mascot

Shelf Mascot VS Custom Mascot

What is the difference between a shelf mascot and a Custom Designed Mascot?

I get asked that all the time. First a shelf mascot or one pre made that you pick from a catalogue is mass-produced. Often the head, body and feet do not match as they are made in different plants or areas.

Heads. Heads from shelf mascots are often foam injected that is made with a machine and foam shot into a mould. They look great and each one is exactly like the other. They are hot, heavy and very quickly get stinky as the foam retains odors and bacteria. There are no or limited screens, vision lines can be all over the place. I found a lot of them are very top heavy as well. As for attachment systems they are not existent as you put straps under your arms to wear the head.

Custom made heads. I speak only for my company as each company has it’s own way to bring mascots to life.

We make the heads out of closed cell foam. Starting with the drawing we then make a pattern mathematically from the drawing or design. The head shape is then made into 16 sections. When the head shape is made the shoulder cut outs are done and vision lines set. Vision lines are on average 7 – 9 inches from your shoulder. Then the patterns are drawn on the head shape. Then the patterns are made for the cheeks, snout, nose, and jaws.

Then the fun begins. We hand sculpt each item and hand paint the eyes. As the head comes together we send you photos so you can follow along as your mascot begins to come alive. A fan system is installed inside the head that runs on 8 AA batteries. The fur will always match the rest of the mascot and is only of top quality. 4 quick release buckles attach the head to the body. We do make some mascots with a harness system, and rarely but sometimes put in a helmet inside the head. We don’t recommend helmets as they can add undo weight to your head, and limits air flow as well as how many performers can wear the head.

Bodies. Shelf mascot bodies are made of very thin fun fur, and often does not match the head, hands or feet. The fur does fall apart after one cleaning. Rarely to we see a shelf mascot that has lasted longer then 6 months.

Bodies – Custom Made. Again I speak only for our company. All our bodies are made of deluxe fun fur. 100% acrylic. This is important, as there are no animal furs, and are machine washable at home, in cold water. Depending on the design some have a full inner body for easier cleaning, some a removable tail, some an inner chest form. Depending on that the design calls for. All our uni-bodies come with pants, sleeve unit gloves and mascot feet. We work hard to ensure the bodies are easy to care for and will not require you to send it out to be cleaned.

Mascot feet – Shelf Mascots. Most are very flimsy some have only spats or fabric covers that go over you shoes, if they do have a form they are wide open inside so you wear them with your shoes inside.

Mascot feet –  Mascot Design Studios – again I speak only for our company. We hand sculpt the feet from a durable foam. After the foot is sculpted we make the foot pad and cover the foot with the best fabric. The foam we use forms around the performers foot with NO shoe inside. This allows from a woman’s size 5 to a Mans size 12 to wear the foot with comfort. To protect the foot from the elements we add a durable rubber sole and seal the edge between the sole and the cover with a rubber sealant.

The average life of a shelf mascot 1 – 6 months
Average life of our Mascot Design Studios is 5 – 10 years we have some mascots out still being used that are 15 years old. Again we speak only for our company.

Shelf Mascot – Originality. There is nothing unique and if you go to an event you’re likely to run into someone else with the same mascot as you. You have zero say in any fabric changes. Or colors.

Mascot Design Studios. All fabrics and colors are pre approved by you the client. Once we make a mascot for you we do not duplicate the design for anyone else. This makes you able to market brand this design, or copyright it.

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